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The Ocean Inspires Imagination

The most flattering thing for me as a photographer is when people come back for a service a year after year. This means they love what I do and there is no better reward than that. I feel like I'm on the right path.

Last year I shot Amy and Stephen and their lovely dogs Skyla and Hailey at a park. This time they decided to try something different and go to the beach. The choice was Malibu pier. Those who love ocean will agree that it's a magical place and the sunset makes it even more bewitched. To my surprise it wasn't crowded and I could use the golden hour at its full capacity. It should be said that it might be very tricky to shoot a toddler and a dog at a beach becasue water can be a huge distraction. However, Skyla and Miley were in a mood for posing and fit into the beach landsape with their charismatic owners perfectly. Even though we were pushed by the time because the sunlight went away faster than in the city, coherence produced good results! I can't wait to photograph this increadible family agan.

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