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{Asem + Gordon} Wedding

There are two types of couples whose weddings I shoot. One of them prefer candid shot over the stages ones. They usually reserve little time for posing and overall have little patience for it anyway. The other kind is very open to the photogapher's suggestion and totaly rely on it. I valaue both types because they give me an opportunity to explore a unique professional experience and human joy in each and every one of them. With the fist one I use my photojournalism skills trying to catch geniune human emotions that are rarely cought on stage photos. However with the second type of my couples I immerse in a world of afternoon light and artistic imagination and bring the best beautiful sides of a bride and groom.

Asem and Gordon were the couple that completely trusted my intuition and artistic vision. I'm forever grateful for their patience not only because they totally followed my directions but also Asem didn't mind to walk 127 acres under 100 degrees F outside with me to find perfect photo spots. Gordon was a real gentelmen. He patiently did what I asked and never complained. I know men usually not in to photography as women are especially on their wedding day when hundreds of guests are waiting for the bride and groom to arrive. Despite all the obsticles several hours flew as a moment and I was quite delighted to see the results.

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