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A Little Vintage Never Hurt Anyone

I meet fantastic people through out my photogtaphy journey. These people give me inspiration and good vibes to continue my work. Kseniya contacted me wanting to do a photoshoot with her family and wanted something special. I proposed several themes and one of them was vintage. Kseniya followed my suggestions and picked up an appropriate attire for her husband and baby boy. She didn't stop there. She brought lots of props and accessories to the set as well. On the day of a photoshoot usual warm Los Angeles weather met us with a gusty wind and low temperature. Everyone was worried about the baby including me. Thank God he was fine. After two hours of shooting he fell asleep. Mommy and daddy could then have a bit of a mini session for themselves.

#photo #vintageinspiration #umbrellashot #familyphotography #goldenlight #labasedphotographer #umbrellashotphotography #brandparkphotography

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