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A Brand New Sibling

I had a pleasure shooting this lovely family past weekend. Tran called me and asked initially if I could do a family shoot with her toddler daughter Ally and some shots of her several-days-old daughter Audrey. I normally do newborn sessions seperatly as they require more time than a regular family shoots because babies need to be fed in between sesstions. They can also be crancy and moody. A toddler is another story. Toddler's attention lasts for half an hour and than they lose it. There is usually some couriousity going on because photographer is a new person but after that one have to be creative to keep little munchkins' interest. So I had a double duty that day and thought I would spent a half of the day there. When I arrived I was suprised how calm and patient that family was. Audry was born to be photographed. She quitely slept throught the entire sesstion opening her eye for a second to check on her parents. Ally was super sweet girl. She genuinely smiled and followed directions. When Ally got tired and took a nap Tran and I spent some time to arrange props that I brought to shoot Audrey. After 2.5 hours I realized that I shot everyone. Time flew like a moment. All I wish for this family is happiness and lots of patience in the new year as it's not easy to keep up with a toddler and a newborn.

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