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I Say You Are Beautiful

In my opinion, it's my direct duty to create beautiful images no matter what. I believe that every person is beautiful regardless of social standards and opinions. My job is to prove my client who I shoot that she or he is attractive and it's just a matter of right light angle and pose. I'm not just a person behind a camera pressing the shutter, I work on each and every image I take.

I met that humble women at the entrance to the Los Angeles Arboretum last weekend. She had received my servises in a form of a gift certificate for a personal photo shoot. It was approximately a year ago and I almost lost hope that she would call me. However, several days ago I received a text from Aisulu. She was ready to schedule a session. The minute I met Aisulu I felt that she was a bit hesitant and insecure if she should do it. I thought she was worried how she was going to look in the pictures. I tried to reassure her that I would do my best to produce quality images. Aisulu liked the results and I think her friends who initially had given her the certificate made the right choice. Aiuslu is having a birthday in two days right on Christmas. Happy Birthday beautiful:)

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