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Get Right with God

No, I'm not going to talk about importance of God in our lives in this blog post. I believe it's a matter of personal choice and wether my client Jewish, Christian or athist, I'll have the same pleasure and honor to shoot for her/him. A couple of weeks ago I had an honor to capture Christening of a three-year-old baby. I was hired by her Godmother to be. I think photographing baptism is similar to photographing weddings but more unpredictable because it involves children. I think it so important to have a professional photographer at such life events because no one will ever remember the details and ambiance of it after several years but there will be images with cadid moments and portraits. The main thing I had to worry that day was the indoor lighting. I believe that natural lighting is the key to the good images that stir emotions, nontheless, I can't choose and control where the venues are being held. Therefore when I know that I'll be having low light situations I'm fully prepared to use my flash photography skills.

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