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New Year's Eve in Malibu

An adorable young lady Dyana travelled all the way from Colorado with her family to capture her senior portraits in Los Angeles on the beach. She was very determined to have that photoshoot done on the beach. We agreed to meet right on the New Year's Eve in Malibu. Dyana was a novice in front of the camera and it was totally normal. I often have to deal with tension and shyness among my clients. It's a matter of time and skill to take it away. Sometimes I use music when I can incopropate it into the circumstances and place of the shoot or I use jokes or tell a personal story to shorten the distance between us. It's an extra work to do so when I'm dealing with teenagers because they are naturally "closed" sometimes even for their relatives and I'm not even talking about a stranger with a camera. It took me a little bit to warm Dyana up. After a change of a second outfit she was cheerfully walking out of the sea foam as Venus by Botticelli. We shot until the sun went down. Dyana went back to Colorado but I hope to see her some day here in Los Angeles to shoot this beauty again.

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