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Celebrate in Style

Today I'd like to share with you with my photo story of a celebration of a first birthday. Little munchkin Arthur turned one and his parents celebrated it with a taste and style. Baby blues was the theme of the event. As parent myself I've heard some mother's opinions in wether celebrate baby's first birthday or not. I mean celebrate it with the full meaning of it invite guests, do a dessert table, arrange entertaiment for the guests and so on. They argue that the child won't remember it anyway so why to spent money and effort on it. In my opinion it's the celebration of the survival for parents. So why not to have some wine and dance for a bit and share it with friends and family. I'm sure when Arthur grows up his mom and dad would proudly show him these photographs and all the sleeples nights, dipers, breastfeeding hardships won't matter at that time. All they would see is the joy of sweet memories, fun situations and pride for their grown up handsome son.

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