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Double The Joy

A fellow photographer got pregnant. I was beyond thrilled to shoot Trisha and Alan not only because I have known Trisha from CSUN but also because she was pregnant with twins!!! I've never shot a maternity session with twins besides my own. Not that there is anything different in women pregnant with two babies but just the awareness of that there are two babies made me feel extra resposible and emotional. Trisha picked the location I was always wanted to shoot at, Malibu Creeck Park. This park is the essence of the California nature. It's the best of what one could possibly find in Los Angeles area bisides ocean and Hollywood. This park is probably one of the most favorite locations among local photographers, however, every time I prosposed the park to a client there were different obscticales and circumstances that always prevented me from shooting there. Finally, I got that opportunity. Trisha was brave enough to do a bit of hike to reach the best spots. She posed gracefully and stayed calm througout the entire photoshoot. We couldn't wish for a better weather and sunset that day. Trisha and Alan are starting a new lifetime journey. It won't be easy especially with two but it will be the most rewarding moment they will ever experience in their life.

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