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It Takes Two

I met Jenny at the entrance of LA Arboretum in March. She wanted to do a shoot with her boyfriend who came from Hawaii to visit her. They both were leaving for San Francisco the next day. We originally had agreed to meet the day before out actual shoot happened, however, rain forced us to switch. On the the day we met rain left the sky a bit cloudy and the light was soft and the colors were vibrant. I remember the receptionist told us that we got lucky that the nature was at its best. To make it even better peacocks started their mating period and started showing off their train. Per LA Arboretum website the train contains ocelli which are the eye shaped markings. The train can grow up to 6 or 7 feet. The train is used in mating rituals to help attract a peahen. Peahens will tend to pick peacocks with longer trains with more elaborate ocelli, or eye spots, and more vivid patterning. At the end of their mating season, the peacocks’ feathers will begin to molt, only to be replaced by a new set of beautiful feathers 7 months later. We walked and took pictures and had fun.

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