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Early Birds Special

Do you know what can be better than "golden hour" afternoon only the "golden hour" after the sunrise. I hadn't plan to shoot early in the morning that time. It was due to circumstances that Crystyna and I had to schedule the shoot at 7am. I got at 4 am to get ready and be around 6:40 am in Malibu. When I arrived I had two jackets on but it was still super cold. I met Crystyna and Dan with their adorable daughter Layla and we walked up on the hill. I should admit I wasn't fully prepared as my arms got swollen from cold and my feet were all wet. I was trembling when I was pressing the shutter so was Crystyna. She was wearing just a plain tank dress. However, she managed to smile and stay calm and focused throughout the entire session. Despite all the challenges I couldn't stop enjoying the serene landscape at that hour. It was something I had experienced in my childhood only. How often do people find themselves at 7 am at a park in Malibu on Easter Sunday? To my surprise on our way back as the temperature started to rise we met a lot of early morning hikers. After seeing the results I admit it was worth it. I can't wait to meet Crystyna and Dan's baby soon.

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