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This Is L.A. Couple

I fell in love with that lady in red and her fiancé the minute I saw them walking in my direction. Sometimes I just have this feeling that the shoot will turn out good before I even started to shoot. Asha and Lerry were extremely photogenic and natural in front of the camera. The entire shoot went like a breeze. We shot at the well- known photographer's location Pasadena City Hall. The day of the shoot proved it. It was super busy . There was a masterclass in one corner and group shoot in the other one. In between solo photographers shooting graduation and couples portraits like me. While setting my frame I tried pressing shutter quickly before another passer-by was photo bombing my shot. I must admit that other photographers were very considerate and aware of their colleges. Asha and Lerry decided to do two outfits. One elegant and the other fun one. I haven't realized that L.A in their shirts stood by Lerry and Asha. Even in a shirt and jeans Asha didn't loose her charming personality and beauty. This couple is having their destination wedding this year and I wish them a safe trip, a wonderful ceremony and of course a happy family life.

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