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Santa Monica is the Place

It's fall and I feel like I spent the entire summer on the beach on Santa Monica Pier in particular. It's a must see attraction for tourists. A lot of my gigs are coming from people who come to visit Los Angeles on vocation and they want to capture that memory at the most scenic places. I caught myself at a thought that perhaps I should to move to Santa Monica because I have so many clients willing to take photos there. It will be nice just to walk of the house and shoot my clients in stead of spending hours in traffic on the way there and back. Meantime I'd like to share with a session that I had back June with a family from New York. Ironically Santa Monica met us with a windy gloomy afternoon. Nonetheless it was such a pleasure to shoot these three super nice and positive people. Their daughter Emma was one of the most photogenic and smily little girl I ever had to photograph.

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