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{Maria+Zeek} Wedding

I've known Maria for a year now. She had contacted me in 2016 to book a wedding photography service and since then I shot her engagement and Christmas session. On the big day I was very excited. When I arrived to the venue it was quite. The ambience and overall vibe at the Orcutt Ranch was very relaxed yet something big was about to happen. People were setting the tables and bringing flowers and silverware. When I stepped inside the bride's room, Maria was about to finish her hair and make up and ready for her dress. Wedding is a game of time and photographer's ability to act fast. I tried to do some details shots in between taking pictures of the bride and the groom who was getting ready in the next room. Thanks to the event planner and excellent organization the ceremony as well as the reception started on time. Time passed super fast and I didn't stop shooting for a moment. At the end I couldn't feel my legs but it was worth it after I looking at the images.

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